The music, literature, and paintings in the film have their own copyright considerations. I’d likely be happy to give you permission to distribute any part of the film that is my own artistic work, if you would like to contact me, but you would need to have rights to distribute the music, literature, and paintings. I made the film in the United States, but copyright laws vary by country. You should make sure you understand the copyright laws in your own country if you want to distribute the artworks, and you shouldn’t fully rely on my understanding of copyright laws.

The citations for the art are mainly in MLA format, except that the publishers of The Homeric Hymns and The Bacchae asked for a different format.

Painting copyrights

I downloaded all the paintings from WikiArt (previously called WikiPaintings). WikiArt indicates that all the paintings are public domain, but they do not state what the status is for each country specifically. The paintings are all public domain in the United States according to my understanding.

Music copyrights

Many of the music compositions are public domain, but the recordings are all copyrighted by the performers or publishers. I posted the music on YouTube using an arrangement YouTube has with many music publishers that allows people to post copyrighted music on YouTube. YouTube’s software automatically detects the music in videos people upload, and the music copyright holders have the option of displaying ads in the videos. They may prevent the videos from being available in some countries or on some devices.

Literature copyrights

The translations of The Duino Elegies (in Part 1), The Homeric Hymns (in Parts 2, 4, and 5), The Bacchae (in Part 3), and Bread and Wine (in Part 6) are copyrighted by the translators or publishers in the citations, and I have permission from them to use this literature. The translator of Formulary for a New Urbanism (in Part 7a) chose not to copyright the translation. The King James Bible and Dover Beach (both in Part 7b) are public domain in the United States according to my understanding, as is the translation of Hyperion’s Song of Fate (in Part 1).